Services & Rates

Dog Walking Rates –
Rates reflect up to two dogs – each additional dog add $5
30 minute walk-$23
45 minute walk-$27
60 minute walk-$31


Day Visits-
$25/Per Visit
Each visit includes:
-Medicine Administration
Littterbox cleaning



Bird/Rodent/Rabbit/Fish Care –
$25/Per Visit

-Cleaning of enclosure


Any additional duties that you may wish performed will be discussed on an individual basis and price will be based on time requirements.

Horse/Livestock/Exotic Animal Care –
$40/hr depending on number of animals and care required
Farm sitting fee discussed on an individual basis



Overnights$75/night –
Wouldn’t you rather sleep in your own bed surrounded by your own things?  So would your pet!
In addition to your bonded and insured sitter staying the night, overnights include:

-Care of up to two pets (each additional pet $5)
-Feeding, watering, brushing, playing
-Two dog walks per day
-Cat box cleaning
-Administration of oral medication
-Maintaining your pet’s schedule as requested by you
-Plant watering as needed
-Taking out garbage
-Bringing in any mail/packages/newspapers
-Rotating lights left on/off

Why kennel your pets when they can stay stress free in their own home!

Pet Chauffeur Services –
Vet/Grooming Appointments, pick up pet food/supplies/medicines

Home care without pets –
$25/visit includes trash, mail, plant care and light rotation.


*Our overnights include care up to 2 pm the next day.  If you arrive home between 2pm and 8pm, there will be a 1/2 day charge of $40.00.
Payment is due upon completion of service by either check, cash or 
Chase Quick Pay (use e-mail address to send payment).
An invoice will be left on the last day of pet sitting services along with an addressed envelope to Travelin’ Chimp Animal Care.

There will be a $40 charge for any returned checks.

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