“This is the best pet sitting service I have ever found. I feel like my pets are almost sad when Travelin’ Chimp has to leave because I am home.”
Eileen, Aurora, CO

“I love my dog, Simon, more than words can say. I am a bit OCD when it comes to his care. I fully investigate to find the best groomers, veterinarians, dog foods and most importantly, best dog sitters. Which is how I found Clint and his Travelin’ Chimp Animal Care. He has proven to be extremely honest, reliable and consistent. I am confident that when I leave my home, nothing changes. My dog is given the same attention, care and love that he gets from me.  I have traveled for weeks at a time and leave all the responsibility of my home and my Simon in his thorough and meticulous care. I feel fortunate to have found Clint and recommend him to all my friends and other canine and feline parents. He is simply the best. Besides, if it wasn’t for him, I could never feel free to travel, which would be a bummer.” 
Deborah, Studio City, CA

“We at Jefferson Farms Alpacas and Paco-Vicuñas have relied on the help of Clint Atkinson for nearly 5 years now.  For much of that time, Clint was our primary help, taking care of the management, breeding and delivery of crias for over 150 alpacas.  We’ve had many odd adventures, and medical crises, all of which Clint handled with proficiency and calm. He genuinely cares about all of the animals, both farm livestock and our housepets.  We travel frequently, and with Clint at the farm we have no anxiety at all that everything will go well while we are away!  I give him my full, unreserved recommendations.”
Jane Levene, Jefferson Farms Alpacas and Paco-Vicunas, Denver, CO

“Clint Atkinson is the BEST animal/house sitter I’ve ever had. I live in Vancouver, Canada and have flown him in several times to take care of my valuable dog, Zoe, and my home. THIS is how incredible he is and the value I place on Clint to watch my dog. He is so loving and caring for Zoe and she loves him…and she doesn’t take to too many people. Clint is honest, neat, and leaves my home in impeccable order. Having someone like Clint is worth everything to me and I would never leave Zoe or my home with anyone else at any cost. He’s adaptable and can manage several animals at any time. I would recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone who cares about their animals and their home for any length of time.”
Cindy Charkow, Producer CEC Productions, British Columbia, Canada

“Travelin’ Chimp is not only excellent at caring for animals, they are responsible and thoughtful when ‘minding the home front’ when we are out of town. It is a wonderful feeling to know that our precious pets are being taken care of in our home, and that if anything is amiss in the house they will responsibly address the issue. We feel very lucky to have Travelin’ Chimp Animal Care as part of our extended family!”
Lisa Gardner and Don Reixach, Denver, CO

“Clint and his Travelin’ Chimp employees have been taking care of our animals for the last four years. During that time, they have taken care of four cats, a Standard Poodle (LOTS of energy) and three alpacas. Clint even delivered my alpaca Jack, who had a very difficult birth. When my wife and I travel, we use their pet sitting service which is far superior to any we have used before. Our animals are happier and far less stressed because they have stayed in their own home. TCAC is the pet service of choice for us.”
Bernie, Parker, CO




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